About Us 

We at Tag Packaging are your one stop shop for all your packaging and labeling needs, striving to provide you with stylish, top-quality and sustainable options.  

Our Services Include: 

  • 100BIO™, 100% Compostable Food Packaging 
  • Product Labeling 
  • Trendy, Retail-Ready, Recyclable Food Containers 
  • Stylish Baking Ware     

Our dedication and personal attention to each and every order is what makes us someone you can trust to meet all expectations, all of the time. 

Jea's Story

Raised in Alaska and educated in the UK, I had every intention of following my dreams of becoming a diplomat.  As it turns out, life took a detour from international law to entrepreneurship.  

At 25, I eagerly embarked on my first business venture, purchasing a restaurant in Anchorage, Alaska. Shortly thereafter, I founded my associated non-profit “Baking with Children with Cancer.” During my time as a restaurateur, I quickly developed a fascination for food packaging, leading to me the work I do now. 

When I first started, food packaging was all about design to me. I played with patterns, prints, colors and cutting edge technology to elevate everyday storage. As I ventured further into the packaging world, I quickly realized how important sustainable packaging is to our planet and health. 

Since then, I strive to make sure all of my products are both stylish and sustainable. 100BIO™ is the embodiment of this. This revolutionary, patented product breaks down in 9 weeks, and will become the future to how we compost, dispose of waste, and carry our take-out food. My hope is to make sustainable and socially conscious living easy, affordable, and immediate.  


Our Products and Services 



We at Tag Packaging always look to create  top quality, socially conscious  products for our customers without compromising on style. Whether it be our 100% compostable foam packaging, or our recyclable Hippo Ware lunch line, we strive to make products you’ll want to use everyday.


With over 15 years of experience in product development, we are your retail shop for food packing supplies. Additionally, our established ties in both the US and Korea assure no shipping worries.

We provide personal interaction with all of our clients. We treat them like family. It is that down-to-earth approach to our business that enables us to be the number one choice in this industry. Our clients feel at home with TAG Packaging LLC.

When you are using our services or products, you are more than welcome to raise any questions, comments, or concerns with us. Your undeniable satisfaction is our number one priority. Allowing your input is a huge contributing factor in that endeavor.


Don’t see what you’re looking for in our catalogs or online shop? Reach out to us with your specifications to start a conversation about what’s best for you.

From a choice of colors, fonts, shapes and a logo, the visual side of your brand is what emotionally connects to people. We help you present the visuals to make sure that the right emotion is felt.




We at TAG Packaging are committed to always improving our products to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Currently, both our 100BIO and Melon Hippo lines are great ways to reach your personal or company's zero waste goals. Learn more about our 100BIO line



 With the help of our valued clients, and the wonderful people at Baking With Children With Cancer, we are dedicated to “Finding A Cure For Childhood Cancer... One Cookie At A Time.” Outside of volunteering, we are excited to be providing the amazing non-profit Alex's Lemonade with disposable plates for their annual fundraiser this September!